‘The Impossible’ Review (Post #107)

impossible-poster-internationalThe Impossible is a terribly hard movie too watch. Hard in the way that The Pursuit of Happiness is. I relate these movies because the pain of the situations in these movies are nearly unbearable to watch. Anyways, The Impossible is a story about, family, love, strength and coming of age. The children in this movie have to grow up so fast when their world is knocked out of proportion by a giant Tsunami. The parents become dependent on their kids and it is just so tough too watch. I watched it on a flight coming home from Spring Break but ran out of time. I picked it up 2 months later on my way home from school and watched 15 minutes before I had to turn it off, It was just to tough to handle at that moment. Finally I finished it off today, alone in my bed. Comfort, that is what you need when watching The Impossible.

Acting: Naomi Watts is superb in this, a well deserved Oscar nod. Also Tom Holland gave a memorable break out performance.

Visuals: Stunning visual effects, as well as a very close and personal camera that shows you everything that will make you cringe. I am going to add, that the sound mixing was beautifully done.

Story: The story is truly gripping. The only problem is, I didn’t think I knew the characters story well enough before they were hurled into the natural disaster. But there were some great scenes between the parents and kids.

Concept: The choice to not keep family the original race is questionable. But I am glad I heard the story regardless.

Personal: I was emotionally wiped after the first 45 min. It will really hit home with allot of people. Yes, I cried.

Re-Watchability: It all depends on how often you want your heart and stomach in your throat. It is absolutely gripping and I would watch again.



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