‘Norma Rae’ Review

movie-posterNorma Rae is a film that shows a fine example of Marxist Theory. By adopting a storyline that is against all what could be considered Bourgeoisie. The story is about mill workers in a small town and the efforts made to unionize the mill. The textile mill employees are over worked and under paid. Norma’s struggle is not only with that of the bourgeoisie employers, but also she must convince her fellow workers that a union would be best for the workers.

The screenplay was most admirable with how it handled such hot topics such as politics, race and gender. The protagonist is not only a white working class female, but she is also a single mother who must deal with her choices whether they have been a good or bad. We see Norma stand up for the others outside of her of race, she is a beautiful symbol of equality that I have rarely seen represented so strongly on the screen.

The issues of class are dealt with in a very truthful way. There is no beating around the bush in Norma Rae. These filmmakers have done an extraordinary job in encompassing all races, genders and class into an equal group. Norma is never favoring race or gender and is just as stubborn to her own and upper class members of the community. She is fighting for equality for all. Everyone’s voice is important. And by the end of the film, it isn’t about her, she is never seen as the hero but rather a catalyst for the change. She is never praised, but rather the community blends together as a group, rather than a bunch of individuals.



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