‘Mulan’ Review (Post #106)


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Disney has always loved culture, they have incorporated so many stories from all around the world and made some very enjoyable movies. Mulan is mostly a good time, with a laugh here and there, a couple good songs, beautiful animation and a solid story arc. The story is filled with themes of the underdog, power to women, and staying “True to your heart”. We see good character development for our main protagonist as well as some of her supporting characters. Mushu gives us a majority of the laughs, along side Mulan’s side kicks. Mulan is mostly good, but sometimes breathtaking in its visuals. Mulan is a solid addition to the Disney Canon.

Visuals: The drawing is breathtaking from start to finish. The animators show off the new drawing technology during the Mountain battle scene. I would love to see this again on the big screen, just for that one sequence. 10/10

Acting: Does Disney ever have bad voice actors? There are so many character parts in Mulan and each one individualistic.

Story: Dialogue stretches a bit too far into modern territory, especially with Mushu, but it is acceptable. Some parts of the story seem rather sudden, but there is no wasting their regular 90 min run time.

Concept: I love when Disney brings us to other cultures. The mythology of Mulan is fun and the story empowering.
Personal: Didn’t have any really deep connections with this one. I always liked “I’ll Make a Man out of You.” Some good family relationship and spiritual ties. Though, the spiritual aspect was used mostly as a joke.



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