Another day another list. I did not see every film last year so this list could be flexible. Also as with my last list this is my favorite films not the best. One thing I am going to say is that I am sad that no animated films made it to this list which is rather said. Pixar made its worst film ever this year and I was not a fan. Rango was good but I not as good as other film. Enjoy!

After making 10-6 I realized I would just do the whole list and I would make multiple lists from the last few years.

10          Super 8

I first saw this when I was at state for long jump last year. My brother Geoffrey and my friend Luke watched it in IMAX well it was a small IMAX. Anyways I loved every second of it! It is one of the greatest adventures of the year! So much fun! Go  J.J Abrams!

9          My Week With Marylin

I watched this film before I had seen any Monroe film. It gave a great insight into her life that I greatly appreciated before viewing any of her films. Michelle Williams gave one of the best performances of the year. She absolutely captured me with her portrayal. I loved this film! Just the kind of movie that I can so easily fall in love with.

8          Drive

This film will be a cult classic for the rest of time. What a visually pleasing film, played out by some phenomenal actors. Ryan Gosling did excellent as the lead roll of The Driver, one of the most bad ass characters ever. The opening scene was one of the greatest scenes I have seen in my life. I just need to see this film again. Oh! Did I mention the soundtrack!?! Go see it!

7          Midnight In Paris

I am a little embarrassed to say that this was my first Woody Allen film. At least the good thing is I loved every minute of it. I loved the Paris atmosphere in this film. I have a soft side for Paris. I just really enjoyed this film. Now I need to go out and see some more Woody Allen films.

6         Bridesmaids

Now I am usually not a big Comedy fan but Bridesmaids is the funniest film I have seen that has been made in the last 10 years. My friends have never quoted any movie more then this and it is funny every time. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo wrote a very clever and hilarious comedy. It is hard to say which seen in the film is my favorite as the are all full of some great monologues and one-liners. One of my favorite comedies of all-time! Bridesmaids was a special treat.

5          The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Another overwhelming film of 2011 with an underwhelming response. This film launched my roommates obsession with the story of Lisbeth Salander (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). David Fincher did a marvelous job as director of this film. I loved the feel he gave to this story. It is a dark story and it needed to be told in exactly the way he brought it to the screen. Rooney Mara did some outstanding work in this film (definitely should have one the Oscar the I knew she wasn’t going to). I am glad My roomate invited me into this captivating story. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is not to be missed.

4          The Artist

I am a huge fan of Silent films so when i first heard about The Artist I was immediately excited. This film was a breath of fresh air! Something new but at the same time old. I miss this style of film making and I feel like it should be done more. Who says silent films are dead? Though I don’t think this was the best film of the year, I can say that it definitely deserved its Best Picture win. I loved this film and its soundtrack to death. A must buy for me when it comes out on BluRay this June.

3          Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The Deathly Hallows Part 2 may possibly be the best Harry Potter instillation adapted to film. In my opinion this was one of the best films of the year only one of my personal favorites. This movie gave a the Harry Potter movie series an epic and near perfect conclusion. The Harry Potter series will always be in my heart as one of my favorite franchises. The Deathly Hallows Part 2 was emotional and visually stunning. I was most satisfied by this final tale.

2          Hugo

I was sad that i was not able to view this in theaters and in what was supposed to be one of the best 3D films ever made. I couldn’t wait for the film to come out on BluRay and grabbed it at its midnight release. Both The Artist and Hugo were movies about movies and I fell in love with Hugo’s story. I am a film history buff (when I say buff I mean it is one of my greatest interests) and the story of George Méliés was just what a fan like me was looking for. This film was absolutely stunning. Beautiful visuals and a beautiful story. In my opinion it deserves the Best Picture win over The Artist.

1          Tree of Life

The most emotionally captivating film I have ever seen. A cinematic beauty. The greatest film of the year! Sadly under rated! To many peoples minds were to weak to understand how spectacular this film is. Everyone should give it a chance. This movie left me speechless.


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