‘One Hundred and One Dalmatians’ Review (Post #108)

936full-101-dalmatians-posterMy mom have tells the story for years that I watch 101 Dalmatians when I was really little everyday for a year. To this day, I have still loved it. Now that I am older I appreciate it for many more reasons than I ever had before.

It was with Sleeping Beauty that Disney lost allot of money so there next project had to be cheaper. For 101 Dalmation the started using a Xerox copying technique that was used for the next 20 years. Though some of the animations lose some beauty from this, I think 101 Dalmatians has one of the best uses. The story perfectly fits its animation style, and right along with it comest he beautiful soundtrack that I have just really come to appreciate. 101 is a stand out film in the Disney canon for its beautiful animation, wonderful soundtrack, and refreshing story.

Visuals: The animation style fits perfectly with the story. Its has a very appealing, rough look to it. The dog’s movement and character animation is splendid.

Acting: Rod Taylor’s voice is memorable as Pongo, but the stand out performances are for Cruella De Ville and her cronies Jasper and Horis.

Story: It is a lovely refreshing tale that seems to be about girl meets boy, but it unfolds into quite an exciting adventure, that I find is very original.

Concept: The humans are the dog’s pets, the dogs must outwit and fight evil humans. It’s just great.

Personal: It’s been with my since childhood and is always nostalgic.

Re-Watchability: I will never ever be sick of this. I have been known to watch it twice in a row.



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