15          The Lion King

Can You Feel the Love Tonight.Circle of Life.Hakuna Matata.I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.Be Prepared.Hans Zimmer Soundtrack.The Lion King is always a fan favorite.

14          Beauty and the Beast

Arguably the best animated film of all time! Beauty and the Beast is master work of storytelling and pristine animated beauty. It is full of believable characters and music filled scenes that kept me dancing when I was little. Beauty and the Beast is a film that has been with me my whole life and will stand the test of time as one of Disney’s crowned jewels.

13          Up

Up is one of the most heartfelt films I have ever scene. The opening montage scene was one of the best scenes of the year and one of the most emotional. Though it is a tear jerk-er Up is full of laughs (Talking Dogs, A Bird Named Kevin, A Chubby Boyscout). This is one of the cutest movies with some of the best story telling ever used by Pixar. This film has grown on me with each viewing and there will be many more to come.

12         How To Train Your Dragon

“That was so good,” is what I said as I walked out of the theater. How to Train your Dragon in my opinion isDreamworksbest film. I found that they finally reached Pixar with this movie. But it wasn’t until the second viewing that I realized I loved this film so much. I am a sucker for acting and dialogue so I loved how each voice actor found there character so well to produce a sarcastic and fantastic film. Sooooo Good!

11          The Secret of NIHM

I remember seeing previews for this movie when I was younger, but never got a chance to see it until a few months ago I finally dived into the fantastic animated film, The Secret of NIMH.This story has a great sense of mystery, magic, thrill and wonder. After watching this film I wanted to watch it again. So beautiful and dark!


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