My Rating System

My Rating System:

My rating system is going to be based off the 10 star rating system but by adding in the use of decimals so that it is basically an abbreviated Percent System.



Now I am going to explain how I find my rating. It is based off of IGN’s rating system (For further explanation:

I have narrowed movies down to six sub topics; Acting, Visuals, Story, Personal, Concept, Re watch-ability. I rank each one of these out of 10 and them up and divide by 6.


This one is pretty self explanatory.


Cinematography, Production Design, Costuming, Effects, Editing


Screenplay, Dialogue, THE STORY


How Well I Liked It, Emotional/Spiritual Experience


The idea of the film. (Some films have great ideas but the movie’s story and acting ruin what could have been a great idea.) Themes.

Re Watch-Ability:

Entertainment Value, Worth a Second Viewing For The Sake Of Film Study


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