10        Wall-E

I loved Wall-E ever since my first viewing of the film and even after numerous viewings I have still not grown tired of the little robot. Wall-E is a Pixar masterpiece that deals with some of the planets largest issues. Some may take this as a political piece, but I tend to ignore that side and look at its artistic brilliance. No one can say they don’t love this little cleaning robot for he is one of the cutest animated characters ever. The story is a a fascinating one that is made even more spectacular by its gorgeous animation. A must see!

9          Aladdin

Aladdin includes one of the coolest animated protagonists ever, number of Disney’s most memorable songs including probably the most popular/favorite Disney song of all time A Whole New World. Aladdin is one of those films that every young boy should watch as a child as the main protagonist is not a princess. Even though I love my share of princess films, I just have to say there is nothing cooler the a street urchin, free running, love struck hero!

8         Coraline

“Oh, my twitchy-witchy girl I think you are so nice I give you bowls of porridge. And I give you bowls of ice…cream!” I love this films Animation.Soundtrack.Voice Acting.Sarcastic Dialogue.Horror Undertones.Wybie!

7         Fantastic Mr. Fox

“What the Cuss?!?” AHHHHHH! This movie is not only the best animated film of 2009 (Sorry Up) but also one of the best films of 2009! I loved it and adored its everything about this film in my first sitting. But I have grown to like it more and more each time. My favorite viewing was with a group of 10 or more at Thanksgiving last year. I had never viewed it with such a large audience and there laughter just made me love this film more and more deeply. Just writing about this film as made me put in my headphones and listen to its superb soundtrack!

6          Fantasia

Though I always love The Sorceror’s Apprentice, The Dance of the Hours, The Pastoral Symphony and The Nutcracker Sweet it wasn’t until I was older that I deeply appreciated Fantasia’s artistic value. This was Walt Disney’s experiment and his pride. This film not only has not only one of the best soundtracks of a all time but some of the best animation ever. The idea behind this film is just fascinating and it is something that should be cherished for all time.


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