‘The Source Family’ Review

7G45VzeThe Source Family is masterwork in documentation. It is really a miracle this film could be made in the way it was. The story of the Source family is told through a beautifully edited telling of Jim Baker’s cult group know as the Source Family. The directors of the documentary keep their opinions out of the picture. They take a great approach by interviewing members of the family and having them tell their versions of the story.

This is all grouped together with a plethora of 16mm footage and photography. This is the highlight of the film for me that a small time in history could be so well archived as it was. The use of actual footage gives the story that much more reality. It is hard to believe that some of these things happened had we not seen actually footage of the events that took place. I don’t know what was more remarkable, the stillborn birth or Father Yod’s paragliding flight that would eventually lead to his death.

Another mentionable aspect of this film is its soundtrack. The songs are taken directly from The Source Family’s music albums that were released over their time as a group. The music is rather good, sometimes strange, but there is definitely quality in the music.

This documentary is far from forgettable, a remarkable work of documentation and editing.



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