‘This Is Spinal Tap’ (Review)

spinaltapThis is Spinal Tap is the first mockumentary I have ever seen and I really need to take time to search out some other ones. This film grows increasingly absurd while at the same time growing more and more truthful. The reason This is Spinal Tap truly succeeds is because it of how realistic it truly is. Even though the details may seem farcical, the over arching theme and story plays with that of many true to life bands.

Almost every band movie I can think of hits the same story beats as this hilarious mockumentary. We get the ridiculous locations for performing, the big stadium, the replacement musicians, the break up, and the final re-uniting of the band. It is so perfectly formulaic that it works tremendously well.

Story aside This is Spinal Tap has a terrific cast. Not only did these actors play convincingly comic characters, but also wrote and performed admirably. These songs and performances or so good in fact that the fictional band This is Spinal Tap has made a number of concert tours. How great is that? The songs are catchy and as long as you listen to the lyrics you will be in for a good laugh.

I will definitely be revisiting This is Spinal Tap in the future as I am sure I missed a number of jokes and physical gags. This film should and will be relevant for as long as the music industry exists. Would love to see a sequel, maybe about an anniversary concert tour.



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