‘And Everything Is Going Fine’ Review

and_everything_is_going_fine_xlgAnd Everything is Going Fine is simply at it’s core a autobiographical look at Spalding Gray. I say it is autobiographical because it a compilation of Spalding speaking on himself, telling his life story through a series of interviews and spoken story telling style stage shows.

Spalding Gray was little more than a name to me before I saw this documentary. He is an actor, a performer, a father, a lover, a victim of mental illness, and at his very a core a story teller.

As the director Soderbergh is tasked with gathering hours of material and producing a self told documentary that is perfectly paced, hitting on what I thought were the most interesting and important moments in his life.

Gray goes from hilarious to personal and heart breaking without skipping a beat. He opens up to us in ways that some of our best friends never would. Why does he do this? To justify himself? To unleash his burdens on someone else? I think he does it to stay true to himself, to never lose composure. So we never see around the character, the human being that is Spalding Gray.



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