‘An American In Paris” Review

Poster-An-American-in-Paris_03An American in Paris holds a very small part in my memory. I know I saw it once when I was was little, but could not remember a thing about it, and now I remember why. Unlike Singin’ in the Rain (my favorite movie of all time) An American in Paris has little for me to remember. None of the songs are particularly memorable accept for the fact that I know them since they have been used for over 60 years as jazz standards. But the film isn’t bad. It is just a very safe musical that doesn’t push the envelope in any way.

One reason that I watched the movie with strong interest because the opening scene was the best part of the whole film. For years I have loved how Gene Kelly moves, both in dance and outside. The best example I have of this, and my favorite part of the whole movie was when Gene Kelly’s character Jerry wakes up in the morning. We find Jerry in his normal morning routine, he answers his door, slinks out of bed, pull his bed up to the rafters. From here he glides around his loft grabbing clothes and shifting his furniture around in a mesmerizing, rhythmic grace that only someone who is as disciplined in movement as Gene could achieve. Now if only the rest of the movie had such nuance.

That opening scene alone kept An American in Paris from getting a less than a 6.8/10.



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