‘Free to Play’ Review

free to play docFree to Play is a documentary that tells the story of three professional gamers as they virtually battle it out in a Computer based game called Dota 2, to win a 1.6 million dollar prize. This film was made by Valve, a video game development and digital distribution company that created the game. They set out 3 cinematographers to tell the three different stories that take place in Free to Play. These accounts are edited and brought together by the Dota 2 tournament. Their narratives are decently interesting, but what mainly kept me going was my interest in this new world or competitive gaming.

As someone who knows little about Dota 2, the game that the documentary focuses on, I felt like they did a decent job in explaining how the game operates, but I still felt lost when it came to more technical elements. I may just have to pick up the game to truly understand how it works. But for audiences who already take part in the world of Dota 2, I am sure they will have no problem keeping up with the logistics.

Overall the visuals look good, and I even like how Valve went to extra lengths to do some CGI animation that would represent the some of the action taking place.

Gaming may very well be a as popular as some major professional sports one day, but I do think it will take a few years. Once my generation is grown up, with teenage kids of their own, I believe that competitive gaming will sweep the world.



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