‘Only God Forgives’ Review (Post #138)

only god forgivesThe conversation I had over text while watching Only God Forgives.

Me- I’ll give you some descriptive terms, you guess the movie I’m watching.
Sam- Deal!
Me- Beauty, revenge, portraits, abuse, violence
Sam- Oh man. Sounds Kubricky but I know it’s not. Dragon Tattoo? lol
Me- Nope, Nope, 2013
Sam- Stoker?
Me- *Shakes Head*
Sam- Have I seen it?
Me- Yes. You liked it enough
Sam- Only God Forgives
Me- “That’s a bingo”
Sam- So good!!!!
Me- I am pretty engrossed
Sam- Should’ve said colorporn
Me- Shoot, that was one, color, but I forgot.
Sam- Amazing that Refn is colorblind.
Me- Is he? This cop is fucked.
Sam- Oh my god yeah the cop is infuriating! But mystifying.
Me- At this point, indestructible and the ultimate power. He’s so still. Ugh this movie!
Sam- Only God Forgives, indeed
Me- Right? Ok I must watch now. Then fucking Karaoke.
Sam- I know!!! Haha I have no idea what to make of that
Me- And everyone is watching. This is nuts!

(Insert talk about Sherlock and Downton Abbey)

Me- The symbolism. That movie will be on my mind a while.
Sam- Seriously. A different type of cinema (that) I’ve never seen before.
Me- Wow, I really liked it. Glad that it was only an hour and a half, but I think I would have watched more.
Sam- Yeah, I think 90 minutes is the perfect length lately.



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