‘Oliver and Company’ Review (Post #137)

oliver and CompanyOliver & Company is another one of those Disney animation titles that I haven’t seen since I was a child and frankly I had very little desire to re-watch it again. Oliver is most definitely the worst adaption Dickens’ Oliver Twist. Twist isn’t exactly a replica of the story, but rather it is used as inspiration. We have Oliver, Dodger, Fagin, and Sykes (Sikes). The story is much more heartwarming and funny than the dark story we have seen retold so many times. Overall it is rather mediocre, aside from one or two fun songs and some funny moments placed here and there.

Acting: The acting is definitely the highlight of this film. Such great and distinct voices really bring the animated dogs to life. Billy Joel is great as Dodger, even getting to sing one of the most under rated Disney song of all time, “Why Should I Worry?” Bette Midler stood out to me, voicing what is probably the funniest character in the movie.

Visuals: I love the style of raw cell animation, it really lends itself to the 1980s grudge of underground New York. It is rather pleasing to my eyes.

Story: A meh adaption of the fabulous Dickens’ novel. The songs are fun, but too few and far between. Script is rather clever at times.

Concept: Not only adapting Twist into a children’s story, but using animals as the leads. Works ok I guess.

Personal: Any longer than 74min, I would have had enough.

Re-Watchability: I have no want to buy this one.







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