’12 Years A Slave’ Review (Post #134)

twelve_years_a_slave_xlg12 Years a Slave is one of the toughest films I have ever seen. While being both artist and stylistic in its choices it never becoming inaccessible. The casting is nearly flawless and the actors themselves give the best ensemble performance I have seen this year.

Not until the end of the film do we ever find relief from the excruciating visuals that linger on some of the more gruesome scenes I have ever seen. But this cinematic choice works flawlessly.

I also found the journey of Solomon Northup (Portrayed stunningly by Chiwetel Ejiofor) both narratively and visually compelling. Throughout his story we are observers, just as Solomon is an observer to the actions taking place around him. We can do nothing to help, all we can do is watch. And we do watch as Solomon denies, accepts, and finally fights his enslavement. We are shown these moments during a number of shots throughout the film that linger on Northup after of number of life changing incidents.

12 Years a Slave is film that shows humanity at its weakest, and in this weakness sometimes all we have is hope and faith.



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4 responses to “’12 Years A Slave’ Review (Post #134)”

  1. lauren says :

    Sounds like it will be a tough one to watch but if you’ve given it 10/10 it must be worth it! Good review!

  2. danmart1n says :

    Definitely gotta see this one before long.

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