‘Ender’s Game’ Review (Post #133)


I am stealing this line when I say, “Ender’s Game is the most underwhelming fascinating movie I have ever seen.”

Ender’s Game isn’t even two hours long and I feel like it could have prospered with a longer running time. The problem here is how the story seems to be rushed. The plot keeps moving and moving, while the director and actors try and fail to give us some kind of emotional appeal, that in the end, never seems to really work. Frankly, each emotional moment in the film seems forced, we are given almost no time to grow with the relationships in this movie. One moment Ender is strong and courageous, the next moment something “deep” happens and we are supposed to feel some kind of emotion. WHERE IS THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?

The visuals are rather good and the acting is well rounded. The world is captivating, but I could never really come to

grips with it. It was always just out of reach. I am not familiar with the book, so I don’t have anything to compare.

Ender’s Game left me wanting something more, maybe that something will be found in the book. I do hope so.

Visuals: 7.5/10
Acting: 7/10
Story: 3/10
Concept: 6.5/10
Personal: 5/10
Re-Watchability: 4/10


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