‘Prisoners’ (Post #132)


I was afraid when watching the trailers for this that I was getting every major story beat. Though it would have been refreshing to have seen it without the interference of a trailer, Prisoners is much more than it seems.
Prisoners can be best described as a dramatic thriller. At its center is two families dealing with the absence of their missing daughter. This is the main focus point for the beginning of the film. We watch as each character takes his or her approach with dealing with this problem. Depression, anger, violence, and hopelessness are all portrayed by one character, if not multiple.
On the other side of the sub genre is its thriller aspect. Jake Gyllenhaal as detective Loki holds the reigns during some of the more suspenseful of thrilling aspects of the film. I would have to say though that Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover (the father) lends a hand in this area quite often.
Prisoners is another film about humanity and how we will handle the situations that push us near the brink. The acting is solid across the board. None of the performances stick out badly, but many including Gyllenhaal, Jackman, Terrance Howard, and Paul Dano are at their A game.
Visually this movie has a constant air of doubt and sorrow. It is always gray, and is quite frequently raining. I don’t know how they managed to get such consistent weather. One of my favorite scenes was between Loki and Keller in Loki’s police car. As Keller approaches the car, the snow and rain becomes heavier and heavier making us at the audience ready for the worst. I don’t know if this was luck of the weather or artificially done, but regardless the effect worked.
Prisoners is a must see from this fall. It is one of the best thrillers I have seen in a long time. It reminded me allot of Silence of the Lambs, going places you wouldn’t expect. It is probably the best film out in wide release right now. Don’t miss you chance.

Visuals: 10/10 (Roger Deakins is the man)
Acting: 10/10
Story: 9/10
Concept: 9/10
Personal: 9.5/10
Re-Watchability: 8.5/10




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2 responses to “‘Prisoners’ (Post #132)”

  1. CMrok93 says :

    Even when it does get pretty conventional by the end, I was still gripped by this movie. Good review Grant.

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