‘You’re Next’ Review (Post #130)

youre-next-poster-sheep-640x948Visuals: Nothing striking, but edited nicely through the slew of whimsical horror and violence, mostly violence.

Acting: AJ Bowen gave the worst performance I have seen this year, glad he wasn’t in much of the movie. He was given the longest monologue and every second of it hurt my inner actor. But most everyone else was good.

Story: Intentionally funny and full of some cringe worthy violence, I thought writer Simon Barrett brought allot of fun to the mix, with some great moments. The first 20 minutes were tough, but once you get past that you should be ok. Some great jokes relating to film making. This is a film makers movie.

Concept: Not highly original, but swing to a horror film that I didn’t expect to see going in. It isn’t the most original take I have seen to a sub genre horror film. Didn’t understand the motivation of some of the characters, money isn’t enough in this case.

Personal: Enjoyed the heck out of this one, nothing will hit you soul or make you think too much. it treads lightly on the road to farce.

Re-Watchability: Just to watch again with those who haven’t seen it. Probably some of my film maker friends.



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