‘Tarzan’ Review (Post #128)

Tarzan-Poster-walt-disneys-tarzan-34361237-1000-1500Tarzan is another of those Disney films that was made during 1998-2008 that I really didn’t see much of. I am pretty sure my mom believed all Disney films from Hercules on were stupid and crude. But Tarzan is a masterfully crafted in terms of animation/ soundtrack and voice acting. The only downsides for me really was some pacing issues during “Stranger’s Like Me”. A compilation of animated scenes shows Tarzan growing to become more human than primate. Though we see the connection growing between Tarzan and Jane, I just wish there was more time given to this than a single song. Though these scenes are comic and full of growing emotion, I just wish there was more before Jane and friends have to leave the jungle to go back to England.

Visuals: For Tarzan, animators used a new engine of animations that aloud them to put hand drawn characters and item in a 3D-World. It is used abundantly and flawlessly from star to finish.

Acting: My favorite voice talents for this are that of Glen Close as Kala, Minnie Driver as Jane, Tony Goldwyn as Tarzan, and Brian Blessed as Clayton. Perfect casting selections here as well as bringing allot of life to each of there characters. I felt that the roles of Terk and Tantor were too minimal and over all I feel that they could have been left out of the story almost altogether. Probably two of the worst sidekicks in a Disney film, maybe its because they aren’t Tarzan’s sidekicks, Tarzan is even more of a free spirit than most Disney characters.

Story: I love how so much of this story is told in compiled, Music Video, type scenes. My favorite being the opening, when Tarzan’s HUMAN parent’s ship sinks. Breathtaking!!!! The pace seems to be almost too fast during the second act of this film.

Concept: Bring Tarzan to animation with a great new animation operating system. I like it!

Personal: I fell in love with the animation in this film from scene one. Did they ever make a Tarzan TV Show? Hopefully it was when he was grown up. I could go for more of that vine swinging and tree surfing action. I lost some interest during act II though.

Re-Watchability: A must buy on BluRay I am sure, whenever it comes out.



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  1. The Animation Commendation says :

    Not too fond of Minnie Driver’s voice acting,,,

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