‘Lilo & Stitch’ Review (Post #127)

lilo_and_stitch_ver3_xlgI think Lilo & Stitch is the first movie on this Walt Disney Animation Studio Challenge that I originally saw in theaters. It weird for me to think that most of the Disney films I have seen were originally seen on VHS. Well, I guess it isn’t that weird. It is just strange because I see so many movies in theaters now that it just seems un natural not to go see a new Disney movie.

Visuals: I bought this one on BluRay to see it in the most pristine quality possible. It is a a pretty movie, that uses a great combination of hand drawn and Computer generated images. It isn’t as spectacular as some Disney films, but the animation matches the tone of the story perfectly, giving us an abundance of bright images. The character animation is great, the human characters are given fun features and the aliens are very creative, no repeat alien shapes and guises.

Acting: The Director of this film (Chris Sanders) is one talented guy. Not only did he Direct, but wrote and performed Stitch’s voice. That all so famous voice was played by the director! (Note: Director of the best DreamWorks film ‘How To Train Your Dragon.) Anyways, the talent is on spot, with the help of a wonderful screenplay that gives these voice actors some great comic opportunity.

Story: Lilo & Stitch is not only extremely creative in terms of plot and character, but the screenplay is rich with some of the most quick witted comedic moments I have ever seen in animated project. There is allot of heart in Stitch and you can really tell Chris Sanders and team put their souls in this one.

Concept: The evil genius creating hundreds of experiments, #626 being his masterpiece, his Opus of evil. This creation fleas to earth and seeks protection from a little girl who likes weird looking dogs. THAT’S GREAT! The themes of family and even the coming of age awareness are always relevant and nice.

Personal: I do like this movie, but I probably like it more in terms of its technicality and great screenplay. I laugh allot, but many more have grown closer to my Disney heart. Though Lilo & Stitch still does have its place.

Re-Watchability: Lilo & Stitch is tremendously entertaining and very quotable. I could watch this one at least once a year. Though, I’ll watch others before this.



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One response to “‘Lilo & Stitch’ Review (Post #127)”

  1. The Animation Commendation says :

    I’m like the only person who doesn’t love this movie! I used to hate it, but now I’m just neutral to it.

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