‘World War Z’ Review (Post #125)

WorldWarZ-Poster-originalWorld War Z is everything we could ever want in a blockbuster.

It’s superbly entertaining, in World War Z this arrives to us through thrills, face paced action, and a plethora of suspenseful scenes. I am pretty sure I literally sat at the edge of my seat from 10 minutes in, through the end of the film. This movie is chalk full of action. Not crappy, eye glossing action, but well directed and thought out scenes, full of suspense, gun fire, stupid human actions and ZOMBIE LADDERS!!!!!

It’s not overly smart. Blockbusters aren’t known to strain your brain, and World War Z keeps it relatively straight forward without being a bunch of mindless crap. The rules are firm and in place throughout most of the film, minus Act 3. (It seems like the re-write had to allow for some changes, though not drastic, to the zombies rules, but this is passible as the films takes place of a short span of time.)

It has your big name star. Brad Pitt is the reason I was interested in seeing this when I saw the trailer, I thought, “This could be crappy, but Pitt chooses relatively good roles.” And he is good in this, he is defined as a good actor and place his part well, I found the connection to his family in the film enduring and very realistic.

It has a story, well at least there is a plot. We follow Pitt through this journey as he unravels the mystery behind the outbreak, searching for its beginning and hopefully its end.

It is the best video game adaption I have ever seen that wasn’t actually made from a game. The story goes from level to level until we eventually reach its end. Throughout we get a number of very video game like supporting characters that have video-gamey attitudes that do very video-gamey things. It’s great!

I listened to the audiobook of World War Z after viewing the film and found that the only similarity is its title. It would have been brilliant to see a film take the same structure and rules of the book, but maybe that is a movie destined for the future. (I hope) Or maybe a mini series!
World War Z is solid from any way you look at it.Don’t push an analysis of this film, simply enjoy yourself one hell of a good action blockbuster.

Visuals: 9/10
Acting: 8/10
Story: 7.5/10
Concept: 7/10
Personal: 8/10
Re-Watchability: 8/10




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