‘The Wolverine’ Review (Post #124)

The-Wolverine-teaser-posterThe Wolverine is almost a stand alone X-Men film. It helps to have seen X-Men 1-3 and Origins, but you could probably get by without them, well not without a few questions here and there. Logan (Wolverine), is a loner, a hot head, a thinker, and he doesn’t really give a Sh#t if you like him or not. It is a well made character that is has been played well, six times by Hugh Jackman.

The story takes place mostly in Japan, when Logan saved a man during the Nagasaki bombing in WWII, this same man on his death bed wants to grant Logan a wish, a wish of mortality. From there we get a decent story that stays on the straight an narrow and only dips off into some iffy moments in the plot. Most of the supporting characters are decent, minus one doctor who is played rather stiff and boring by Svetlana Khodchenkova. Yeah, she was pretty nasty, as my friend Jared pointed out every time her face showed on the screen.

But the winner in this film is its entertainment value. Has a decent amount of laughs, good action sequences, particularly one taking place on top a bullet train. Maybe the best action sequence of the year, short a sweet. Real Sweet!

I went with my brother and a couple friends, which made the experience that much better, as it always does. I would Rank this ahead of X-Men 3 and Origins, but not as good as 1,2 and First class.

Visuals: 7.5/10
Acting: 7/10
Story: 6.75/10
Concept: 6.5/10
Personal: 7/10
Re-Watchability: 7/10



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