‘The Little Mermaid’ Review (Post #123)

little_mermaid_ver1_xlgIt has been almost a year since I last saw The Little Mermaid, watching it on a little screen in our family mini van. I am glad I watched this one on a bigger screen this time. The little mermaid is meant for the big screen. It’s hand drawn/painted scenes are remarkable. Giving the story a tone that I have hardly seen the likes of in many other Disney films. Whether the story is dark or light the animation is there to complement the characters and what situations they may be going through.

The Little Mermaid’s story, is the one that kick-started the Disney Renaissance, bringing us the former brilliance of Disney’s animated films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio. What makes this stand out are its characters and there well defined motivations. Ariel is spontaneous, bright, youthful, and never fear full. She is no damsel in distress. Ursula is one of the darkest villains we have ever seen, coming in as a close second to Maleficent. King Triton also has his fatherly ideals, struggling with Ariel as she faces the dangers of the sea and land.

The Little Mermaid is nothing but brilliant.

Visuals: The hand drawn and hand painted work here is fascinating. Every single bubble drawn by hand. The tone is always pitch perfect. The character animation are distinct and full of life.

Acting: Perfect casting. Great Voices!

Story: I’ve already gone on and on about the story. The songs are stupendous, my favorite being Part of Your World. Though this was neither of the two songs to be nominated, I thought it had a beautiful medley and has been made classic by Ariel’s voice actor Jodi Benson.

Concept: Disney once again made magic by this movie. A fantasy of a mermaid turned human. How fantastic is that! Themes of coming of age, respect, and love are here and always heartwarming.

Personal: It wasn’t one I favorited as a child, but as an adult I have a huge respect for the craft here. Doesn’t hit home like other Disney films.

Re-Watchability: It’s fun for the whole family! (How cliche?)



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