‘Saludos Amigos’ Review (Post #121)


I didn’t even know that Saludos Amigos existed until 2 years ago. My family had The Three Caballeros and I was

never a huge fan of it. Saludos Amigos is barely a feature film. Disney made Saludos Amigos to create a better relationship between the US and South America. It chooses the framing device of the trip made by the Disney crew to make a sort of documentary/travel guide. I barely succeeds in keeping us entertained for its 42 Minutes.

It is split up in four sections, Lake Titicaca, Pedro, El Gaucho Goofy, and Aquarela do Brasil. Lake Titicaca has a travel guide staring Donald duck which was rather fun, but the highlight of Saludos Amigos is Aquarele do Basil which is a sequence of anaimation set to song, much like Fantasia, and what starts as a beautiful piece of animation end up dropping off near the end of the segment when Donald has a little dance scene. Sorry Disney, better luck with The Three Caballeros.

Acting: The narrator was great, making each sequence a little more interesting. But no real plot here to have any stand out performances.

Visuals: The last sequence stands out for its animation, but the rest is your normal short cartoon style.

Story: Barely gets away with being a sort of documentary.Visuals: The last sequence stands out for its animation, but the rest is your normal short cartoon style.

Concept: Maybe they succeeded in making a better relationship with S. America, but that doesn’t make this a good film. Last minute framing device is sub-par.

Personal: Had more interest reading about the making of this than watching the film. Though the shorts were fun.

Re-Watchability: THe shorts are mostly fun, but the overall experience would be best used for taking up 42 minutes of an elementary class who is learning about S. American culture.



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