‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ Review (Post #122)

atlantis-the-lost-empire-329909lThis is the second time I have watched Atlantis: The Lost Empire in a year and I am rally glad I watched it again, I do believe last time I viewed it I was distracted by that evil thing called the internet.

In Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Disney strays from there comfortable fairytale and movie with talking animals and creates a remarkable science fiction period piece. There are no songs and no talking animals, instead we get a well produced story that hits the mark on what a good screenplay should be.

Acting: Michael J. Fox is great as our nerdy protagonist. Each character is well defined by his or her voice actor and the talent is top notch.

Visuals: The film opens with a breathtaking sequence showing the destruction of Atlantis. This is probably one of the best animated scenes in the films, what with the great use of CGI and hand drawn animation. I love the look of this film, the period look of this film is great. I wish we could have spent more time in the 1914 version of Washington DC. The scale of this films is epic, giving us great sequence after great sequence. The underwater submarine scenes are just as splendid to behold.

Story: This is a darker film, full of betrayal, sacrifice and adventure. It’s characters are well defined, every scene is in its place and the pacing is perfect. Though not the most original plot, it sure doesn’t lack in appeal.

Concept: Disney does a great job at keeping its library vast in terms culture and story, this one is very interesting and entertaining. We get multilingual dialogue that keeps audience well informed of the culture and diversity of the characters. The themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and determination are very present.

Personal: Some interesting spiritual aspects to the film, though I wouldn’t say they connect with me personally.

Re-Watchability: It’s brisk pace and epic scale are very appealing, I can see myself buying this one on BluRay.



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