‘The Emperor’s New Goove’ Review (Post #120)

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The Emperor’s New Groove is a film that seems to be less about telling an engrossing story, than giving its audience a brisk 78 min of fun, laugh out loud entertainment.

I have always loved The Emperor’s New Groove. I never owned it personally, but would always take the chance to watch it at a friends house, if possible. The Emperor’s New Groove is more like a feature length cartoon than a animated feature, and that is not a bad thing. It is filled with both non stop laughs in terms of its dialogue, voice acting and character animation. But if you are wanting something a little deeper as an audience member, you still get some good themes and lessons for the kids, a few dramatic moments, but who cares, this is non stop entertainment that brings us from one great scene to the next. It just doesn’t stop.

Visuals: It isn’t breathtaking, but the animation style fits the tonality of The Emperor’s New Groove perfectly. The character animation is flawless as it tells its visual jokes. The characters looks match the actors voices so perfectly it becomes just another reason to laugh. 8/10

Acting: The snarky attitude of Cuzco is pulled off perfectly by David Spade. Pacha is humble and cute, played by John Goodman. Eartha Kitt as Yzma is one of the best parings of character animation and voice acting I have ever seen. Patrick Warburton plays the stupid big guy Kronk perfectly, as usual. I also loved John Fiedler as the Old Man. (Poor Piglet voiced man) 9/10

Story: The story is used mostly as a structure to make as many jokes as possible, but it works and its brisk pace won’t leave anyone bored. 7.5/10

Concept: Lets make a feature length cartoon so people can laugh and have 78 min fun, as it they were watching a Tom and Jerry Marathon. Perfect! 7.5/10

Personal: HAHAHAHAHHA 8/10

Re-Watchablility: Its 78 min running time is perfect. And i could watch it every week if I wanted too. 9/10



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