‘Hercules’ Review (Post #118)

Part of (Walt Disney Animated Studios Challenge) http://boxd.it/5VHC

hercposterHercules was one of the Disney films that I was barely familiar with as a child. We didn’t have it on the good old VHS and my mom always thought it looked dumb. She though this about most of the post Hunchback films. But Hercules is good. The music is definitely my favorite part of Disney’s 35 animated feature. Hercules will never be near my favorites but it is still enjoyable.

Visuals: I loved the variety of in each character’s look, even for the minor roles. No repeating in terms of outward appearance. The use of CGI was decent and I loved many of the set pieces.

Acting: Everyone is very distinguishable and everyone does a great job. The singing voices are phenomenal as well. Great casting choices.

Story: Disney does a great job at taking the very adult mythology of Hercules and making it family friendly all at the same time keeping it smart with dialogue that only the parents will understand. Loved this line “Wow. What a day. First that restaurant by the bay. And then that, that play, that, that, that Oedipus thing. Man, I thought I had problems.” It moves at a pretty good pace, but the story isn’t as creative as some other Disney Pieces. The song are great throughout, love our Gospel singer narrators. There are also some songs in here that should be more popular in the Disney canon aka. I Can Go the Distance. I never knew this song until a year ago.

Concept: A Hercules Animated Musical, well done. The themes of self sacrifice are very relevant, but we never feel the need to worry about our hero. He’s a god, why should we worry?

Personal: I love the music, but didn’t feel engrossed. I had allot of fun though.

Re-Watchability: I’d watch it every so often.



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