‘Pocahontas’ Review (Post #117)


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I still don’t understand why girls love Pocahantas…Pocohantes…Pocoocococococochantas. I still can’t spell it. There are a few things that really work with Disney’s 33rd effort. The visuals are almost always pleasing and the songs are in their majority good, the themes are there, but the plot is ho hum, the acting is bad in many places, and there isn’t much fun.

Acting: Mel Gibson is the best part of this film as acting goes. Hey is snarky and we really understand who John Smith is as a character. The supporting cast is pretty awful at times. Especially the chief and Pocahantassasa’s (Still can’t spell it) best friend. The singing is wonderful, at least when Pocahontas is the one singing. The Gold digging song was fun too, Hey Nonny Nonny.

Visuals: Super pretty! I got goosebumps during both ‘Just Around the River Bend’ and ‘Colors of the Wind’. Basically these two scenes were the highlight of the films for me. The forest is beautiful, the characters seemed pretty bland at times though.

Story: The plot goes here there and everywhere. I wasn’t sure if John Smith and Pocahontas were together one day or weeks? It is a bit of Romeo a Juliet. Even on of the numbers ‘Savages’ reminded me of the Tonight Ensemble number in West Side Story, Complete with a red background for added effect. The Dialogue is sometimes unbearable, especially during the conversations with Pocahantas (Thought I speled it right that time and her best friend. They talked like two modern teenage girls.

Concept: Now this is where this movie is good. The themes of ignorance and prejudice are all to present which is nice, but it just didn’t come across in the finished product.

Personal: Bored

Re-Watchability: I would watch it for ‘Just Around the River Bend’ and ‘Colors of the Wind’ and that’s about it.



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One response to “‘Pocahontas’ Review (Post #117)”

  1. Hannah Megill says :

    This is one of the few classic Disney flicks that I’ve actually never seen, though I know all the lyrics to all the songs. Yay for Stephen Schwartz. I suppose one of these days I’m going to have to actually watch it, just to complete the list, but I’m not anticipating it much.

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