(Now You See Me) Review (Post #116)

now-you-see-me-poster2Now You See Me is flashy, fun and entertaining. Need it be any more than that. At least I wasn’t expecting anything thought provoking, and so my expectations were met. Four magicians are gathered together by some unknown person and 1 year after their team is made the four take the stage at a Las Vegas magic show. Here they rob a bank, and you think that is so cool, how did they do that? Than they explain it and you are disappointed. This is what much of the movie is like. You feel awestruck until the trick is explained and you feel sad because, it is only a trick. This is real life. Magic isn’t real. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

Acting: Most everybody is ok here. Aside from France, who I believe had the smallest part of the four main magicians, they could have left him out accept for a few important plot moments. Ruffalo is rather disappointing. He spends most of the time yelling at someone or being very angry, it seemed a rather shallow performance. There is also supposed two love stories in this that never felt needed or believable. Freeman is always good, no matter what mishmash of dialogue is thrown at him. Eisenberg is his normal fast talking self, and everyone else is just fine in his or her respective role.

Visuals: So much Spinning! This isn’t bad because it felt allot like a magic show from start to finish. Worked well with the stories tone.

Story: The trick is better than the reveal. The dialogue isn’t ever clever, just moves us along at a good pace.

Concept: I wonder what the writer originally had in mind for this. It is a bit of The Prestige, but never as good or mysterious. It is like a feature long magic show. And what makes magic shows so fun is not knowing how they did the trick. Doesn’t work as well in a movie. A bit like Robin Hood Magicians really.

Personal: It was fun, but not much else.

Re-Watchability: A kind of film you watch when you don’t want to think or you don’t care if you spend most of the film surfing the web or texting a friend.



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