‘Home On the Range’ Review (Post #115)


Part of http://letterboxd.com/fitzgeraldgrant/list/the-walt-disney-animation-studios-challenge/

Home on the Range is not a classic Disney film and it never will be. I was expecting a loaded piece of crap sandwich because of all the bad things I heard about Disney’s 2004 release, but I had a good time with it. The story is far from creative and the themes are nothing splendid, but it is fun  70+ min time waster.

Home of the Range is filled with one liners, most of which woud seem out of place and unoriginal, which they are, but I found myself laughing and taking this movie as a grain of salt. It has a good pace and isn’t as nearly as painful as some people may think.

(I liked the soundtrack, though it isn’t memorable, the tunes are bright and the music fits the mood)

Visuals: I love traditional hand drawn animation and this one is still pretty, though not masterful.

Acting: I feel that most of the voices were annoying in this, but fit there characters. There wasn’t much drama to be acted, mostly one liners, but they did make me laugh.

Story: Far from original, but never felt bored.

Concept: I would have liked to see a more interesting story take place in the west. Cows saving the day?

Personal: I had a good time. Didn’t catch me emotionally or sentimentally.

Re-Watchability: I would watch it if I had nothing else to do (Which never happens) or if I wanted it on ni the background as I was busy doing something else. It will keep the kids interested for over an hour.



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