‘The Jungle Book’ Review (Post #113)


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As a child, I watched most of the Disney animated films on VHS. My siblings and I watched them all, over and over. I never remember liking The Jungle Book that much. I liked the songs, but I thought the story wasn’t very exciting. WHAT WAS I THINKING? The Jungle Book is nearly a masterwork of the Disney crew. The story is full of heart, never boring, and always hilarious. I always remember liking the elephant scenes, which was great this time around, but my favorite goes to Beatle Vultures, who were originally going to be played by the Beatles themselves, until Lennon opted out and said the part should be played by elvis.

Acting: Simply put, each and every voice is and will always be memorable. Every actor suits the character, making every scenes as funny or moving as possible.

Visuals: The Jungle Book is a pretty one, but not spectacular. The Animal animation is first class, but I wouldn’t say the background is breathtaking.

Story: The Jungle Book is a highly different type of story for Disney, it makes what could have been incredibly solemn tale into a cheerful, and very moving coming of age story. It also has really well defined characters, that make for tons of zany comic moments. This one is short and sweet.

Concept: Disney did not want the crew to read the novel when they made this. He wanted to stay clear from the dark themes. It works well for a Disney animation, but could have been nice to see something serious, though the sentimentality is nice.

Personal: I was laughing in every single scene. There is allot of fun to be had here, and you just hate to see Mogli leave Baloo.

Re-Watchabilty: The comic humor, sentimentality, and catchy songs is what will bring you back.



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