‘The Princess and the Frog’ Review (Post #111)

princess_and_the_frog_xlgPart of http://letterboxd.com/fitzgeraldgrant/list/the-walt-disney-animation-studios-challenge/

The Princess and the Frog was a return to the hand drawn animation world in 2009. Since the Walt Disney Studio has switch back and forth every year from hand drawn to CGI. (Now if they could throw Stop Motion into the mix) The animation is beautiful and the film opens up, calling us to memory the films of yesteryear, making us think back to our early childhood. From there we get an excellent setup, as well as the best song in the movie “Down in New Orleans”. From there the movie stays visually beautiful, but starts nodding off the track of greatness.

Visuals: There is nothing like hand drawn animation and Princess and the Frog lives up to its predecessors with a detailed background and perfect charactering.

Acting: Character remain characters and no matter how many time they switch bodies in the movie, we always know who is who. There were great singing voices as well.

Story: What starts off very strong soon becomes meandering when the frogs get to the swamp. And sadly they stay there for the majority of the movie. I wanted to see more of the beautiful New Orleans. I was waiting and waiting for them to get back to civilization.
Only two or three of the songs are really memorable in The Princess and the Frog, “Down In New Orleans”, “Almost There” and “Friends On the Other Side”. I particularly liked the latter, I loved the animation during this and it also reminded me of be prepared. The rest of the songs are few and far between and altogether not very memorable.

Concept: I thought the idea of jazz and New Orleans was great. I just wish that the movie gave us more of both. I loved the original telling of the Frog Prince as well. Very imaginative and creative.The themes of dreams are always present, but not original.

Personal: I loved the nostalgia of this hand drawn piece, but I was just not invested in this story.

Re-Watchability: I will be showing this too my kids, especially if I have any girls, but I don’t see any need to revisit this anymore than once in every 3 or more years.



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