‘The Sword in the Stone’ Review (Post #109)

sword_in_the_stone_ver2_xlgPart of http://letterboxd.com/fitzgeraldgrant/list/the-walt-disney-animation-studios-challenge/

I have always loved the Medieval look and feel of The Sword in the Stone. It is probably the biggest reason it bring me back. That and the fact that it introduced me to King Arthur. Some complain that this is more about Wart and less about Arthur the kings and all I have to say to that is, that is the point of the film. I do believe it is based off the first book of a series about Arthur. One thing I found really interesting in this viewing was how ironic Merlin’s character is. He is always proving things with science, but yet he does magic. It is an interesting character trait.

Visuals: The medieval look is very appealing too me, but never truly stunning. The character animation is great throughout.

Acting: I love Merlin, Madam Mim, Sir Ector and Archimedes. Iiked Wart’s voice because of how it cracks, but I read and noticed that three actors played his voice. But it is forgivable.

Story: Very repetitive, we see 3 training scenes and the best training scene is and will always be the squirrels scene. Whenever Wart and Merlin got to interact with other characters it was much more pleasing. I always liked the scenes that took place in the castle.

Concept: The idea of King Arthur as an animation is great. Some good themes of the underdog.

Personal: I always loved medieval times and this was my introduction. Will be buying this on BluRay as soon as it comes out in a few months.

Re-Watchability: Most Disney films are re-watchable and this is no acception. Always allot of fun. The animation and overall feel of the film always brings me back.



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