‘Braveheart’ Review (Post #105)


I couldn’t remember if I had seen Braveheart all the way through, until I watched it last night and I remembered that I had seen Braveheart in its entirety. Braveheart is masterfully directed by Mel Gibson, who also plays our her, William Wallace in the film. Braveheart’s Scottish backdrop is never anything but breath taking. The battle scenes are expertly filmed, as well as overly gruesome. Gibson rarely hides the bloodshed and we are forced to face it in all of its horror.

Though it has a nearly three hours running time, I never lost interest in this wonderful mythology of the legendary Wallace. It is always beautiful, mostly tragic, and sometimes comic. Braveheart’s themes of freedom and patriotism are always present, no one will leave this movie lost. It is sometimes on the nose in its dialogue and iconic visual moments, more subtlety would have been nice. In the end Braveheart is certainly a crowd pleaser.

Acting: The acting is very strong here, we learn to love each named character, though we may not always remember his or her names, we know them like good friends. The performances are solid, but nothing truly stuck out for me.

Visuals: Braveheart is more of a modern epic than anything else in its cinematography and that isn’t a bad thing. There were consistent set dresses and costuming that I really enjoyed. Great special effects and makeup as well.

Story: A really wonderful story, maybe not as tight as it could have been, but I loved all the extra scenes we got, nothing seemed too out of place. Often we got great scenes that would have been full of subtexts, had they not been so on the nose in their dialogue. It’s a shame.

Concept: I love how Mel Gibson chose to make a movie about the legend of Wallace and not a long history lesson. We don’t know too many specifics on the hero from history and that’s ok.

Personal: I seemed to really develop a relationship for the characters and wanted to see them gain their freedom. I felt the love, the hate, the patriotism and the disgust. Really well established motivations for each character.

Re-Watchability: Most re-watchable thing about this is its direction and entertainment value. You also could view for sound too. I will definetly be watching this again.



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