‘Tangled’ Review (Post #103)


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Wow, what a great Disney movie! This is my second time watching this one and I loved it. I remember liking it the first time, but the second time around really got me. It is beautiful to look at, the story is adventurous and never boring. I thought it really well written, the dialogue was so funny. I also thought the characters were really well defined and felt that every action they took was justified by what they were as characters, good or bad. Tangle is a well thought out story that was executed brilliantly.

Acting: Great Voice acting and singing. The actors really honed in on their characters, which has made for some very memorable performances. Animation voice acting, done perfectly.

Visuals: I really loved the choice of CGI for this, the colors are vibrant and the locations beautiful. The in computer camera work is really well done. Nothing to complain about.

Story: I felt that the screenplay for Tangled was polished off nicely and didn’t have much shoe leather. All the scenes seemed rightly in place. Maybe a bit predictable, but who really cares.

Concept: I loved how they used Rapunzel’s hair whenever possible. It was a great prop, that really defined Rapunzel as a character. Nothing too original was done here.

Personal: I had a great time with this. I felt devoted to the protagonist, felt that the antagonist was very well done, plus I laughed allot. Nothing too emotionally engaging for me, sadly.

Re-Watchability: Second time through in 2 years and i would watch it again, at least in another year. Nothing too esthetically to bring me back accept the good story telling, great music and its entertainment value.



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