‘Aladdin’ Review (Post #104)


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I was able to find an HD copy of Aladdin and it was so weird. I grew up watching all these beloved Disney films on VHS in crappy quality and seeing some of these movies in HD is so strange, all the detail and what not. But the animation in Aladdin really isn’t that invigorating, compared to the like of Fantasia and Sleeping Beauty on BluRay. It isn’t ugly by any means, just plain. But I still love it.

I always thought Aladdin was a really fun boy hero, someone I always wanted to be when I was little and I finally get to play him on stage this summer. Anyways, the story is great, always entertaining. The music, probably the most memorable soundtrack in Disney History, behind the Lion King, The Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. A great addition to Disney’s Renaissance.

Acting: Robin Williams steals every scene he is in. I also loved Jonathan Freeman work as Jaffar. The singing is great, I am in love with Lea Salonga’s voice.

Visuals: I don’t think I really minded the use of CGI, but in HD is looked just barely out of place. The animation isn’t the best in Disney’s catalogue of films, nothing is ever jaw dropping. Otherwise the colors are crisp and bright.

Story: Once again, a really tight screenplay, where every seen is enjoyable. The dialogue has many good moments too. Some really well defined characters. The songs are some of the most memorable in Disney History!

Concept: The tale of Aladdin and the Lamp is an old one and this is the most popular telling of this story on the screen. Making it a musical makes it even more memorable.

Personal: Just love this movie, love the soundtrack. Aladdin is a huge part of my childhood.

Re-Watchability: A good once a year viewing should be established for me and Aladdin.



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