‘Stand By Me’ Review (Post #98)

stand-by-me-1986-posterWhat a man Stephen King is. He is able to hold you through the most terrifying of tales or the most emotional. His talent is extremely vast. But he didn’t make this movie. He just wrote the novel it is based upon. I am guessing it is some great source material as screenwriter Raynold Gideon and director Rob Reiner made a beautiful coming of age story about love, strength, passion, death and above all things friendship.

Every time I watch a movie like Stand By Me, The Sandlot, or American Graffiti I kept help but be jealous of these memorable childhood days and friendships. Sure I had a great group of friends growing up, but we didn’t go on adventures like these kids. When I did see my friends during those summer days, our time mostly consisted of video games or outside sports. We live in a different day and age and it makes me extremely jealous of the freedom kids had.

Acting: Could they have picked a better cast of kids. Superb all around, some very genuine work, especially by the two leads, River Phoenix and Wil Wheaton. 10/10

Visuals: Loved the period dressing on this movie, some good editing in the suspenseful parts. 8/10

Story: What a beautiful story. Chris Chambers’ leadership and love for his friends especially Gordie was so beautiful and selfless. 10/10

Concept: Take one of King’s novel’s and give it the cinema treatment. Nothing wrong with that. 9/10

Personal: The emotion in this film really one me over. Very entertaining throughout. 9/10

Re-Watchability: Will definitely be buying this one. What a great story. 9/10



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One response to “‘Stand By Me’ Review (Post #98)”

  1. vinnieh says :

    Excellent post, such an amazing movie.

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