‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’ Review (Post #97)

Artificial-Intelligence--AI-(2001)So Artificial Intelligence was a sweet emotional film that can make its way into many people heart, though it didn’t quite reach mine. Sure I thought it was good, but it did seem to stretch on for me at the end. I am not one for complaining about length but I was done with this film 20 minutes before it ended.

Acting: Phenomenal work here. Osment was great as in The Sixth Sense. He was so darn cute at the beginning of the films as the bright eyed, unknowing robot. The stand out performance for me was Jude Law, from his first second of screen time I was laughing. Such a good character role for him. My favorite work of his, having just seen Side Effects over a month ago and I loved his performance there.

Visuals: Loved the camera work, made this film quite epic at times. The world created here was really cool but I felt like allot of it didn’t connect. I didn’t see the relation of one location to another. They almost seemed like different planets at times. But maybe that is because this future is so different.

Story: It seemed to me that they took the Pinocchio parallel a bit too far, but it is the whole film, I just wish I could have seen Kubriks. The ending seemed to drag on, but was essential to the story. Had allot of heart.

Concept: Pinocchio in the future, with robots. Maybe not highly original. Reminded me of Bicentennial Man. Pretty cool idea.

Personal: This movie had allot of heart, but didn’t touch me as much as some. Maybe my heart is made of ice, I don’t know. I was cheering for David the whole way. I had a good time for the most part.

Re-Watchability: I would re-watch for the acting and entertainment value. Maybe I would get something more the second time around.



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