‘Spring Breakers’ Review (Post #96)

spring-breakers-poster-1-570x774 I can’t remember the last time I thought about a movie for days after watching it for the first time. Oh….I remember,  it was The Master. The Master was a film I felt strongly conflicted by, but one that I know I need to give another screening. Watching Spring Breakers was allot like watching The Master. I was trying to keep pre-conceived notions at bay, all while hoping that my roommate didn’t hate me for forcing him to come to this film he call “soft core-porn” before we saw it. Our car ride to his house was quiet and it wasn’t until we had been home for a few minutes that I finally asked what he though and low and behold, he was tremendously surprised and loved his experience with it. I was so happy that he didn’t hate it and all I wanted to do was watch it again, this time without the fear of wasting my roommates time.

Spring Breakers can be described in so many ways. It is hard to explain this film to someone who hasn’t seen it. When people ask me what I thought, I say to them, it is my favorite of the year so far and don’t go in expecting anything. Try to experience this film one step at a time.

I could consider this an art house film, but really it is much more. The director Harmony Korine gives us so many thematic techniques for us to play with that all I could do was think about this film and what it could, should and does mean. For me it is a film about finding ones purpose, a film about how far can and should we go to find out who we are and where is our breaking point in this mess that we call the world.

Visual this movie is outstanding. The camera lingers of the romp and play of the Spring Breakers in ways that made me think to myself, what am I watching, should I be watching this. By using the camera this way Harmony Korine makes us struggle with the thoughts of whether these actions are of stupidity or the actions of freedom and self discovery. Spring Breakers is a linear film that is edited in a non linear fashion, that was absolutely intriguing which was visually unforgettable. OH THE COLORS!

The acting was on the spot in almost every portrayal. James Franco played an unforgettable gangster rapper by the name of Alien, who at times seemed both sinister and loveable. It is interesting to see Alien go from a ruthless gangster rapper to character what seems like a used puppy. Selena Gomez was innocent and really well cast as Faith. The name is a bit on the nose, but I forgive Harmony Korine for choosing a great performer. The highlight of the film for me was Vanessa Hudgens, both her character Candy and Ashley Benson’s Brit had some of the most memorable scenes.  What seem like two very surface personalities turn into the two most complex characters in the movies. Outstanding working, especially by Hudgens. She frightened and seduced me, all at the same time.

Spring Breakers will be one of cinemas most memorable films of the year. This is one that needs to be viewed by an attentive and educated eye.

Acting: 9/10
Visuals: 8.5/10
Story: 8/10
Concept: 10/10
Personal: 9/10
Re-Watchability: 8.5/10
Overall: 8.83


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