‘End of Watch’ Review (Post #95)

end-of-watch-posterThe relationship between two bests friends can producing some of the most love that can ever be shared between two people. End of Watch is a documentary-style shot film that follows the daily grind of two young police officers in LA. Brian and Mike are best friends that are always making the most out of their job and life. You can tell that they have an enormous passion for what they are doing. They are so passionate about their career that they seek the thrill of danger.

We have seen many hand held style films of late, but this one is very refreshing. I watched this on a flight to from Dallas to Albuquerque and couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the hilarious commentary by Mike and Brian. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña have tremendous chemistry. I was convinced these two were inseparable childhood friends. There performances are truly memorable and the reason why I find this to be a must by, they are the reason I will be coming back to this film many times in the future of my film viewing.

The visual style is what you can expect from a documentary style film but gives us a number of great angles to view the action from. It matched the overall style of the film and I felt very satisfied.

The story is superb and I didn’t find myself thinking of the time for one second. I couldn’t get enough of these two characters.

End of Watch is one best films that was overlooked this year and deserves to be seen by both casual film-goers as well as all us cinephiles. A must see!

Acting: 9.5
Visuals: 8
Story: 9
Concept: 8
Personal: 9.5
Re-Watchability: 9



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2 responses to “‘End of Watch’ Review (Post #95)”

  1. vinnieh says :

    Excellent review, I really need to see this film.

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