‘Mean Girls’ Review (Post #92)

rachel-mcadams_dot_net-meangirls-movieposter01So I had seen a majority of this film a few years ago but I hadn’t seen it start to finish and frankly I am really glad I took the time. TIna Fey’s screenplay is hilarious from start to finish. Mean Girls may be considered what you call, “A girl movie”, but it can be enjoyed by anyone as it is a really intelligent comedy with plenty of memorable and quotable moments.

Acting: I wouldn’t say that the acting is outstanding, but everyone fits his or her part and is very good in it. There are a wide range of characters from the absurdly stupid to the meanest of the mean.

Visuals: The camera has a bit of fun throughout the film but overall it is pretty standard as modern comedies go.

Story: We have probably seen films like this in terms of story, but it is a fresh take and the screenplay is very good.

Personal: I really enjoyed my time with this movie. They characters were very relatable though maybe not so much to me. Is this a big deal? No.

Concept: Stories have been told like this before but it is really fresh in terms of specifics.

Re Watch-Ability: This is a very funny movie that will probably be entertaining every time it is watch. But I don’t know if it is as accessible from an aesthetics standpoint.



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2 responses to “‘Mean Girls’ Review (Post #92)”

  1. aparrish93 says :

    How had you not seen this, it’s so fetch!

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