‘Peter Pan’ Review (Post #91)

PeterPanA revisit to Walt Disney’s pet project since 1939. He wanted this to be his second feature but waited on the animation talents to catch up with his dream. It is just as fun as ever, one of my favorites as a child. I love how clever this movie is. It is very cute but still not one of Disney’s best. But I would surely rank this among the top half of Disney’s animated features.

Acting: The voice talents are accurate and bring a ton of life to the characters. I loved Hans Conried as Hook and Mr. Darling.

Visuals: Loved the flying sequences and the splendor and creativity of Neverland, but not as beautiful or artistically driven as some of Disney’s finest. 7/10

Story: The classic tale of Peter Pan as most know it. Dialogue was fun, and the story was very magical in Disney’s well known style. I loved that even the nameless pirates had a motive in the story. They weren’t just a bunch of mindless buccaneers.

Personal: I have always loved the story of Peter Pan and this bring back fond memories. It was very funny and clever at times.

Concept: The world of Pan is very well suited for animation. I don’t know what else to say.

Re Watch-Ability: I’d watch it again write now. I will probably buy this one soon on BluRay.



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