‘Hitchcock’ Review (Post #89)

Hitchcock-PosterHitchcock was one of the films I anticipated most in 2012. Hitchcock is a Biopic on the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock. It follows his story from the theatrical release of North by Northwest and continue through to the production and later premier of what many would argue to be his greatest masterpiece, Psycho.

I would say that Hitchcock’s main story is not about the production of psycho but the relationship between Alfred and his wife Almar Reville. I personally loved the decision that was chosen by the screenwriter to focus on the subject of his marriage and own psychological struggles. Alfred Hitchcock was a messed up man and many fail to see this as he is now often masked by his superb films that nobody can help but love.

I would have loved to see more about the production period as it was absolutely fascinating. To really see a little more inside the Hitch’s eye for film making. Though there is plenty there to keep movie and Hitchcock fans content while keep a rather good narrative.

Anthony Hopkins worked wonders playing the broad bellied Vertigo director. Though the makeup did wonders to transform Hopkins, it was really he who embodied one of the worlds leading directors in cinema. The way he stood, walked and talked was fantastic. From the very first shot of Alfred I totally forgot that Hopkins was playing the role. it was just like a documentary!

Though many have thought this film mediocre and Hopkins didn’t have a chance of nomination because of his statement on the awards season, I though Hitchcock was a pleasure to watch. I loved getting a chance to see the real, or as close as we can get to real Hitchcock at work. A fascinating story, one that I will definitely revisit in the future.



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