‘The Master’ Review (Post #88)

amy-adams-joaquin-phoenix-the-master-posterIt was after listening to Filmspotting’s review on this that I came to appreciate The Master much more than I had after watching it Friday night. I came in with expectations that I was going to be taken over emotionally like I did with Tree of Life and There Will Be Blood, but frankly I don’t believe this to be an emotional film. The characters were to far distant and UN-relatable for me. But this doesn’t make it bad.

There is so much to take away from this movie and I thought that I didn’t want to watch it for a long time, but now I can’t stop thinking about what this movie is about and want to watch it all over again. About power, sex and self discovery. It is truly a fascinating film that is expertly crafted. It is the lack of a strict theme and the difficulty to find emotional connection that has left me feeling a little empty.

The expectations I had about this film before and during the viewer closely relate to watching 2001. Now I find that 2001 is in a league of its own and has so much there that watching it once can’t do it justice, as I still need to see it again. The Master is the same in the way that there is no way I got even remotely close to the substance that The Master ultimately portrays.

For now I give The Master a 7/10 because frankly I didn’t feel emotionally connected or influenced and I really struggled to grasp onto a complete theme but, Paul Thomas Anderson’s film is incredible constructed as well as masterfully acted. For those two qualities alone I give it a 7/10, an above average film, because it blows away so many films that have ever been conceived. Sadly though, I am still searching for something that I just to grasp onto and pull into the marvelous film that is The Master.



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