‘Amour’ Review (Post #87)

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Amour is everything you wouldn’t imagine from a movie with the title Love. Amour is an extremely tough movie. Don’t expect to feel happy and giddy with the power of love and relationships after watching Amour. This film from start to finish grows to become a movie more about pain than love. It is about loss, humanity, and what is at the core of relationships.

Throughout this drama director Michael Haneke makes us watch the end of these two peoples marriage through a very still camera, that doesn’t turn away when things get most uncomfortable. He makes us watch and have no choice but to look in as if through a window into the very soul of this relationship.

The movie is filled with long takes that make us appreciate even more the master class acting at work. Both Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva give two of the most real performances I have ever seen in my life. Old age has taken these two and we see every small step and movement in the final days of their lives.

Amour is agonizingly beautiful. If ever there is a film that should make you weep about humanity it is this. it is honest. Not condemning, rather a statement of truth. All lovers of film should give a long hard look at this film.



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