‘Skyfall’ Review (Post #85)

Skyfall Poster

Skyfall is the best Bond film I have seen so far. My Bond filmography is lacking. But i have seen the few that have been argued the best and this one just leaves me tremendously satisfied.

Genre movies are becoming more than they once were. These films are starting to be some of the most expertly crafted movies of late. You can definitely see that film makers are now giving a shit about what they make. They respect the medium and the audience and in the end producing something of excellence!

Skyfall is smart, sexy and riveting. The plot unfolds before us like a delicious box of chocolates. You can’t help but keep reaching for more. The choice to revamp the series with Casino Royal was a huge success and now we have finally reached the point that we can say, yes this new Bond is a success.

My hat is off to Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, and Javier Bardem for bring a truly memorable cast to this greatest of bond movies. Bardem is seriously intriguing, making one of the most complex villains I have seen of late. Craig is bold and beautiful as he once again claims his roll and right of James Bond. Dench gives us a side of M that we may have never seen until now. Bond’s and M’s relationship is stretched in ways we have never seen.

A marvelous job to the screenwriters as well as director Sam Mendez for creating a truly intoxicating spy movie. Now all we have to do is wait for the return of possibly the greatest Bond ever on screen.



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