‘Side Effects’ Review (Post #86)

side_effects_xlgSide Effects is on a Hitchcockian level of psychological thrillers. If the man were still alive, I would have thought he directed it. (Minus the fact that Rooney Mara isn’t blonde.)

It wasn’t until the end of 2011 that I was introduced to Mr. Soderbergh. It was was when I saw his film Contagion. (Well, I had seen Ocean’s 11, but I feel as though it is so different than  Contagion and Side Effects) a movie I ultimately liked but often forgot about. Contagion was so different than so many films and it made me intrigued to say the least. Then I saw Magic Mike a few weeks ago and loved it to death.

I new that a movie with Rooney Mara and Jude Law was coming out and new it was form the director of Contagion, but I didn’t out that all together until a week ago. I am a stupid boy sometimes.

Anyways Side Effects was a film that made me very satisfied by means of its story arc. Thrillers are my favorite genre and I haven’t seen a Hitchcock film I haven’t liked. This movie tricked me and I love when movies trick me. This film will leave you guessing from start to finish. One second your rooting for one character, the next another. Soderbergh really plays with his audience from the starts. This is a film he should be very proud of. But when discussing it with my roommate afterwards, I found that I felt the way I felt after seeing The Game the second time. The first time I saw it I thought it was marvelous, the second time I felt empty because there was no more mystery to it, though still enjoyable. I loved the mystery in Side Effects but I feel like there is little much else left for me to discover. Maybe I am wrong.

I loved the performances. I thought Jude Law was fantastic. Some of the best work I have seen him in. As for the cinematography, the lens had a a small depth of field for a majority of the film. This was really interesting and ultimately made me wonder why Soderbergh chose this look. It wasn’t a really cinematic experience as much as it was an interesting one.

Ultimately I recommend Side Effects. If you have to chose one movie to see over the next few weeks I would personally choose either this or Warm Bodies. They are both winning experiences.



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