‘Millions’ Review (Post #84)

millions_xlgDanny Boyle takes from his 1996 film Trainspotting and creates a very stylistic film that could be one of the best live action children’s film have ever seen. But is Millions a kids movie? Absolutely! Kids will love this story about two boys who find a duffel bag full of money. It is a great concept that not only delivers a entertaining film but there is still allot there to keep the adults interested and in the end talking.

Saint statistical expert Damian brings so much light to this story. It shows you how innocent, honest and beautiful ones life can be. His character is something everyone should strive to be like. This is his story. The situations he faces range from the miniscule of moments to  events that even an adult would struggle with. This can almost be seen as a coming of age movie, but really Damian is has allot of growing up to do though we can all learn a little something from this 7 year old.

Millions is supported by a great child cast. These are exceptional examples that children can really know the art of acting. This is surely not Danny Boyles greatest movie but it sure has allot of heart. I couldn’t help but relate the millions to Slumdog Millionaire in some small ways (Title included). Millions is a worthy entry into Boyle’s filmography.



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