‘Warm Bodies’ Review (Post #83)

warm_bodies_ver7_xlgWarm Bodies can be seen as a F*ck you to Twilight, but I really don’t think Warm Bodies or Twilight deserve that title associated with either of them. Warm Bodies is a child of the horror genre, but turns out to be more of a Romantic Comedy.

Warm Bodies starts out as a day in the life of a zombie named R. Much of the movie is voiced over by our new zombie friend. These zombies are drastically different than the brain eaters I have seen in other movie. Sure they still eat a good amount of brains, but the thing is these walking dead can communicate with each other and sometimes use words. Also when they eat brains, they become more human and can understand what they once were. This is what makes Warm Bodies truly original.

Warm Bodies is a movie that is more about the protagonist’s relationships than the usual increasing body count found in other zombie flicks. This is a truly funny movie. Both R’s commentary and the mix of funny situations make this movie a memorable one. But the fun and laughs don’t make this a perfect movie or even close to being the best zombie comedy.

Writer/Director Jonathan Levine chooses not to feed us as the audience by not giving us a large number of zombie killing moments. I really appreciated the fact that it used story and relationships to drive his script along, but in the end this is kind of where it looses its place from the greats. It needed a bit more action or at least needed better action than what was included in the film. The movie ends with the usual climatic action sequences that were overall rather boring.

But in the end this is a entertaining and at times highly original script. We get a bit of Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast and Shaun of the Dead (The Zombie-Comedy, that started it all). Where it lacks in thrills it makes up in its laughs and i think you can have allot of fun with Warm Bodies.



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